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Evropski strokovnjaki za pravice pravijo, da je Rusija v Ukrajini zagrešila vojne zločine




An OSCE mission of experts found evidence of Russia’s war crimes and other crimes against humanity in Ukraine. The mission released a report Wednesday.

45 of the OSCE’s participating states created the mission last month to investigate possible offenses in Ukraine, including war crimes, and to provide information to international tribunals. Russia opposed it.

OVSE je mednarodna organizacija, ki vključuje nekdanje sovražnike iz hladne vojne Rusijo in ZDA ter različne države v Evropi in Srednji Aziji.

“The mission discovered clear patterns of IHL violations by the Russian Forces,” the report stated. It cited failures to take the necessary precautions, act proportionately, or spare schools and hospitals.

Vse kršitve mednarodnega humanitarnega prava niso vojni zločini. Del misije so bili trije profesorji mednarodnega prava iz Avstrije in Švice.

Russia’s mission to OSCE navedeno na Twitterju that the report was “based only on unfounded propaganda, contains references and dubious sources, and logical stretches as the style of highly probable'”.

The report stated that Russia carried out an attack on Mariupol Maternity House in March and Children’s Hospital in Children’s Hospital on March 9. Russian denials were not true.


Navedlo je, da je bil napad na mariupolsko dramsko gledališče 16. marca, v katerem so lokalni ukrajinski uradniki ubili približno 300 ljudi, vojni zločin.

It stated that “the Mission is not able to conclude whether the Russian attack against Ukraine per se may qualify for a widespread, systematic attack directed against civilian populations.” This refers to the context in the context where crimes such as murder and rape are crimes against humanity.

It stated that “It nevertheless holds that some patterns and violent acts violating IHRL, which have been repeatedly recorded in the course of conflict, such as targeted murder, enforced disappearance, or abductions civilians… are likely to satisfy this qualification.”

“Any single violent act or combination of these acts, whether committed in the context of an attack or with knowledge thereof, would be considered a crime against humanity.”

It also identified violations by Ukraine in particular in the treatment of prisoners of war. However, it stated that Russia’s violations were “far more severe in nature and magnitude”.

In a statement, U.S. Ambassador to the OSCE Michael Carpenter stated that the entire report “documents the catalogue of inhumanity perpetrated in Ukraine by Russia’s forces.”

“This includes evidence that civilians were targeted, attacked on medical facilities, rape and looting, as well as direct targets of civilians.

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