Parlament bo predstavil svojo vizijo prihodnjih odnosov med EU in Veliko Britanijo po Brisigu

| Marec 13, 2018

A resolution stating Parliament’s position on future EU-UK relations will be debated with Michel Barnier on Tuesday at 09h and voted on Wednesday (13 March).

The draft resolution, prepared by the European Parliament’s Usmerjevalna skupina Brexit and approved by the Conference of Presidents (President and political group leaders) on 7 March, suggests that an EU-UK association agreement could provide an appropriate framework for the future relationship.

But the text stresses that even closely aligned third countries with identical legislation cannot enjoy similar benefits or market access as EU member states.

The debate and vote (on Wednesday) come ahead of the 22-23 March EU summit in Brussels where EU heads of state or government are expected to approve the Council’s guidelines for the future relationship negotiations.

Si lahko ogledate na plenarno razpravo prekoEP v živoinEBS +.

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